Accounts & Orders

Your online company store should work for you - and for your users! Store functionality is a top priority and we deliver. With features like live inventory, order history and manager order approval, managing your organization's branded assets has never been easier.



User Accounts
Stores can be pre-populated with user accounts, or users can create their own accounts as they place orders. Your store can be setup to take guest orders or orders only from registered users.

Account Security
You want your online company store to be a secure place for your brand and for your users. In our safe shopping environment each store user has his or her own personal account. Our staff can setup accounts with user names and passwords, however, following the initial setup, personal passwords are never visible. Forgotten passwords can be reset only by users.

Orders and Inventory

Live Inventory
With an inventory store (where your inventory is stored in our warehouse for fulfillment), live inventory numbers are displayed online for each product. Each time a purchase is made the inventory is automatically adjusted and visible for users.

Order History
This powerful tool allows users to see all their orders, both previous and current. The report displays the order date, the name of the order (if they chose to enter one), the order total, the status of the order (canceled, shipped, etc.) and the shipper tracking number assigned to the order.

Manager Order Approval
You can be in complete control with this optional feature which requires manager approval for all or specified orders that come through the store. A manager must approve a Pre-Order before it actually becomes an order in your store.