Frequently Asked Questions



Is my company large enough for an online store?
The answer is, “yes,” if you have many different departments purchasing print and branded merchandise. An online store streamlines the purchasing process, ensures bulk discounts on orders, and most importantly ensures brand consistency.

What separates Sky High Marketing from other online store providers?
We believe that our customizable store platform along with our negotiable terms and conditions ultimately allow us to cater a store to do what you need it to. We always look at things from the standpoint of, “what is in the best interest of the client?” Our in-house marketing team is also a key success factor for us that ultimately ensures your store and merchandise doesn’t become stale or complacent.

How long of an agreement will we be asked to sign?
The length is negotiable; however most of our store agreements are a minimum of 2 years with one year extensions at the conclusion of the initial term.

Do your agreements allow for an "opt-out" clause”?
We do not want you to feel like you are tied to us if we are not performing. For this reason, you are able to get out of your agreement for any reason that we are not able to fix.

I am not happy with my current store provider, now what?
We have worked with many clients in this type of situation. We are glad to work through this process with you and roll any existing inventory into a new program with us.

How will purchasing and reimbursement be handled?
With an inventory or hybrid store, product that is warehoused at our facilities is purchased up front. As product sells we keep you apprised of sales and cut a check to reimburse you. Checks are typically cut quarterly, but this is negotiable and based on your individual needs.

Does Sky High Marketing have inventory experience so you can advise on reasonable inventory amounts?
We have a long history of inventory experience. It’s important to remember that each company store or program is unique and there is not one best answer for all applications. However, we run a number of quality inventory programs both through online company stores and offline programs and have a good understanding of inventory needs.