Inventory is critical

An online company store through Sky High Marketing is the way to solve your branded merchandise inventory woes. No more offices or copy rooms with boxes of product hiding in corners, no more valuable staff time spent on distributing or counting. We are your warehouse and fulfillment staff, making sure that your time is spent on your organization’s number one priority.

We offer three types of stores depending on your individual needs.

The Inventory Store
Once you’ve selected the combination of product and apparel that’s right for your store, our customer service team has the product ordered and shipped to one of our warehouse facilities in Waukesha, Wis., or Las Vegas, Nev. Your product is carefully checked-in and labeled for storage in your own area of our warehouses. Inventory is tracked live within your store and we regularly report levels to you. We even keep tabs on what’s selling and what’s not so that we can prompt you when it’s time to reorder a popular item, or time to change up a product for something new.

The No-Inventory Store
If you have a number of different departments or locations with their own logos and you don’t want to stock inventory for each of them, a “no-inventory” store may be the answer. In this type of store, no product is warehoused. Branded merchandise is purchased only as users place orders online. Orders from your store are batched at Sky High Marketing and processed. Your users receive stock on demand with no need for large purchases or warehousing.

The Hybrid
Many of our clients are finding that a combined system of inventory and no-inventory works best for their stores. In this model there are items that are warehoused at Sky High Marketing for fulfillment when an order is placed. And there are items which are batched for on demand processing.