Proactive Marketing

A company store is an investment and we want your store to be successful. At Sky High Marketing, we are a part of your team – we provide your customer service call center, warehouse and fulfillment, store administration, product development and marketing. We understand that a healthy store is supported by a number of marketing efforts, driving traffic to the store and keeping your branded assets moving. When you partner with our creative team we can make marketing your store a snap.

We can prepare and even send attractive e-marketing pieces to your store’s registered users, or to your entire expected user base. An e-flier promoting a special sale, coupon, new products or awareness campaigns delivered directly to a user’s inbox will get your users clicking in to the store on a regular basis. Our creative team of product specialists, designers and writers can create a piece with real ‘wow’ value.

On Site Sale at Masterlock Corporate Headquarters

On-Site Sales or Shows
Sometimes the best way to advertise the products in an online store is by showing them to your users in person. Sky High Marketing specializes in both on-site sales, complete with state-of-the-art point-of-sales equipment to handle all the details, and product shows. An on-site show or sale can give users a chance to see, touch and try out the product and apparel in person. This creates an atmosphere of excitement and a buzz about the products in the store. New products can be showcased and slow-moving or clearance products can get a front row seat.

Themed Marketing for Breast Cancer Awareness

Themed Marketing
Our marketing specialists are experts at helping promote your special event themed products through e-marketing or paper flier campaigns. Promote special merchandise for Breast Cancer Awareness, seasonal stock, or merchandise for organization events. We’re ready with ideas for awareness campaigns and calendar driven marketing.

Social Media

Social Media
If your marketing already includes social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs, we can help design online store promotions for your social media connections! A status update is a simple way to get your message delivered and a promotion dedicated to your social media followers is an excellent way to drive sales. Let us design a social media campaign for your store!